Saturday, 17 March 2012

the jungle gets steamy!

what a difference a little colour makes… this shows four versions of the same picture from the up-coming comic ‘savage: jungle princess’

Fig. 1 shows my bare (and horribly flat) black and white inked artwork.
Fig. 2 has now been coloured and is suddenly more vibrant and three-dimensional.
Fig. 3 shows the same colours, but now with an added filter to suggest the torchlight by which this scene is being lit.
Fig. 4 shows how alive a little added lettering can make the same picture look.

More soon,

Gabby x

Friday, 2 March 2012


as you may have read on my other blog... i'm working on a full length comic of our jungle princess character at the moment. here's some art from 'savage: jungle princess' that you won't see on facebook or the other blog. check out (or click on the link to your right) to see more images.