Saturday, 29 October 2011

Spliffy get her own comic at last!

in print right now is the first ever 'spliffy the stoner chick' comic! it's full colour and glossy and features the best spliffy strips ever. it also sees a few spliffy strips never seen in colour before. it's backed up by some 'dope squad' strips that have never seen print before. it also features a couple of 'malice in wonderland' stories (one of them in colour for the first time.) you can buy it direct from the 'gabby's comics' blog... or just click on the button to your right!


Gabby Noble Prints set!

over on the 'gabby's comics' blog, on-sale now, you can find my first ever set of full colour poster prints. these 4 glossy posters are of images that have never seen (hard copy) print before. there are 2 octobriana images, 1 spliffy picture and a jungle princess illo. you can buy them right off the site by just clicking on a few buttons.

gabby xxx

Saturday, 1 October 2011

latest ms. fortune!

here's a panel from the latest 'ms. fortune' strip! you can read the full episode in the current issue of 'mayfair magazine' on sale in uk newsagents right now.
gabby xxx

ps i've now refreshed the art displayed under my posts, so go down... and have a look!